Microsoft likely to kill control panel
Published in News
09 October 2015

You are out of control

Software giant Microsoft is planning to kill off the control panel in future versions of Windows 10.

MediaTek Labs IoT kit talks to Amazon clouds
Published in Wearables
09 October 2015

Fast and flexible access to Amazon Web Services 

MediaTek Labs's LinkIt ONE and Grove IoT Starter Kit are now powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Apple denies that Samsung A9 uses more power
Published in Processors
09 October 2015

TSMC and Samsung chips have the same battery life 

Reports have been coming in claiming that some iPhone 6S handsets have longer battery life than others, depending on which version of the A9 processor it's running.

Samsung Mongoose SoC is a good performer
Published in Mobiles
09 October 2015

GeekBench score leaked

Leaks are dangerous as they are sometimes fake.  But if this one is true, it looks like Samsung has guns to match the Snapdragon 820 or the MediaTek Helios X20 high end processors. 

Dell stuffs an InfinityEdge display into XPS 15
Published in Notebooks
09 October 2015

Popular Windows 10 machine gets bigger

Dell designers did well when they created a 13.3-inch 3200x1800 QHD+ display with edge-to-edge Gorilla Glass and made the top and side edge bezels of the display are near non-existent.

Gigabyte grows by 36.04 per cent
Published in Motherboards
09 October 2015

Technology Industry slow down, what is that?

Gigabyte is bucking the trend for a slowdown in the technology market.

Qualcomm powered servers picture
Published in Processors
09 October 2015

Details of a Xilinx FPGA-based card or a rack

Talking about Qualcomm's server in a single story is tricky, so we decided to tell you a bit more about the server with some product specific details in a seperate yarn.

US dollar kills PCs
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09 October 2015

Sales continue to fall

Beancounters at Gartner say that the rising US dollar is helping to kill off PC sales.

Qualcomm demonstrated of 24-core FinFet server
Published in Processors
09 October 2015

Server Development Platform (SDP) in the open

Earlier this year Fudzilla mentioned that Qualcomm was working on a Server Development Platform (SDP) and now the company is ready to talk about it .

EVGA offers free shroud to Hybrid graphics card owners
Published in Graphics
08 October 2015

For GTX 980, GTX 980 Ti and Titan X Hybrid

EVGA has announced that it now offers a free upgrade for owners of Hybrid series GTX 980, GTX 980 Ti or GTX Titan X graphics cards.