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Headset adaptor coming for Xbox One

by on28 June 2013

Will allow the use of existing wired headsets

Microsoft is planning to offer a headset adapter that will allow the use of existing wired headsets with the Xbox One. Details on the adapter, such as if it will cost money or come bundled with the console, are sketchy at best right now.

From what we have been able to learn, the adapter will plug into the console and allow the use of wired headsets. It isn’t clear if it will only work with Microsoft wired headsets or if at least some third-party headsets might also work.

In a Tweet from Xbox Support, the headset adapter was acknowledged as being worked on, but it went on to say that more information would be coming closer to the console’s actual launch.

News broke yesterday that Microsoft was breaking with a long standing tradition of including a wired headset with the higher end Xbox 360 console purchases. Instead, Microsoft confirmed that since the new Kinect included a high performance microphone array, the need for a headset was really restricted to online gamers. Microsoft is planning to sell a new Xbox One-styled headset separately from the console.

No additional details have emerged about the new Xbox One wired headset or if a wireless one in the Xbox One styling was also in the pipeline.

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