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Analyst thinks Nokia should ditch Windows Phone

by on03 July 2013

Adopt Android instead

At least one analyst is thinking what many Nokia fans have been saying for the last couple of years – the Finnish phonemaker should ditch Windows Phone and adopt Android instead.

Bernstein Research analyst Pierre Ferragu said Nokia is simply too short on cash and needs to take action soon. He argued that it would be best if Nokia started to shift to Android this year, as that might be the only way of keeping the company relevant. He said the bitter pill should be swallowed before it’s too late.

Nokia can still build very nice phones indeed, like the Lumia 800 and Lumia 920, but Windows Phone 8 is still not taking off. Nokia has good products with a very lean and well designed operating system, but the average consumer doesn’t seem to care – as most still opt for Androids and iPhones.

The Windows-only strategy seems to be hurting Nokia, as it might end up being the top Windows phone maker at a time when the OS is relegated to a second tier status, akin to a small niche market with a loyal but small following.

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