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Samsung announces new 840 Evo SSD series

by on18 July 2013

Up to 1TB in capacity

During its 2013 Samsung SSD Global Summit in Korea, Samsung unveiled a new addition to its solid-state drive lineup, the new Samsung SSD 840 Evo. Based on an updated Samsung MEX controller as well as the new 19nm Toggle 2.0 TLC NAND flash chips, Samsung SSD 840 Evo brings significant performance improvements over the Samsung SSD 840 series.

While the Samsung 840 Pro series still remains the flagship offer in terms of performance and reliability, the new Samsung 840 Evo will replace Samsung's 840 series and be available in 120, 250, 500, 750 and 1000GB capacities. It features a new Samsung MEX controller and uses new 19nm Toggle 2.0 TLC NAND flash memory which brought significant improvements in both capacity as well as performance across the range when compared to the Samsung 840 series based on the MDX controller and 21nm Toggle 2.0 TLC NAND.

As it is the case with most SSDs on the market, the performance depends on the actual capacity, so the 120GB will be the slowest and feature 540MB/s and 410MB/s sequential read and write performance as well as 94K and 35K IOPS 4KB random read and write performance. The 500, 750 and 1000GB models share the same peak 540MB/s and 520MB/s sequential read and write performance as well as 98K and 90K IOPS 4KB random read and write performance. The 250GB version has the same sequential read and write performance as the three larger SKUs but suffers from lower 4KB random read and write set at 97K and 66K IOPS. There is also a significant difference in LPDDR2 cache size as the 120GB feature 256MB, 250, 500 and 750GB end up wtih 512MB while 1000GB model features 1GB of cache.

Samsung also included a new Turbo Write feature that provides much greater performance for lower capacity models. Turbo Write is practically a write-buffering technology. Samsung's new SSD 840 Evo series also comes with Samsung Data Migration Tool 2.0 that will help with data backup and provide easy upgrade and will ship in standard 2.5-inch form factor.

The Samsung SSD 840 Evo should hit retail/e-tail as of next month while the price should be in line with the existing and quite popular Samsung 840 series. Prices will range from US $109.99 for the 120GB model, $189.99 for the 250GB one, $369.99 and $529.99 for the 500 and 750GB models and US $649.99 for the 1TB one.

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Last modified on 19 July 2013
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