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Apple turns dead user into a marketing opportunity

by on29 July 2013

What is one dead Chinese person?

Jobs’ Mob seems to be using the case of a Chinese woman who electrocuted herself using an iPhone on charge as a marketing opportunity.

While there has been no evidence to suggest that Ma Ailun’s death was as a result of using a third party adapter, the word has been put on the internet by Apple fanboys. To be fair to Apple it has said it is still investigating the Ailun’s death, however that has not stopped it advising its customers in China to use the company’s official USB power adapters when recharging their devices.

The company has updated its China-based website to include a new page detailing the company’s different USB power adapters.

“Apple has always put user’s security first, and as result all our products have gone through rigorous security and reliability testing,” the page said. “They are also designed in compliance with government safety standards around the world.”

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