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Supremes will decide if Apple is a monopolist
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Repeat offender

The Supreme Court will review a 2011 class-action lawsuit against Apple, accusing the company of operating an illegal monopoly by not allowing iPhone users to download mobile apps outside of its own App Store and reduce consumer choice.

US Senate votes to ban ZTE
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Sidesteps Trump

ZTE appears to be back in trouble again after the US Senate has voted to reinstate a ban on ZTE that prevents the Chinese telecom company from buying US components and using US software.

Dell and HP advertise Intel Optane as "memory"
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Could cause confusion among customers

It appears that both Dell and HP have been caught advertising Intel's Optane SSD as "memory", or rather precisely, together with RAM, despite the fact that Optane SSDs clearly belong with storage as an addition to the HDD.

Humans getting more stupid
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We are de-evolving

If you ever thought the kids of today were dumber than you were at the same age you are probably right – new research has shown that humans are progressively becoming more stupid.

Office 365 not be re-written in Javascript
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Vole admits enthusiasm gets a little out of hand

A Microsoft employee is in hot water after he tweeted that "all of Office 365" was being 'completely rewritten' in JavaScript.