Trump assures Apple it is safe from tariffs
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Consumer electronics not covered

President Donald Trump told Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook that the US government would not levy tariffs on iPhones assembled in China.

Android users told to beware of Frankenstein virus
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Put the candle back

Android users are being warned about a new ‘Frankenstein’ virus that combines the worst features of different malware to form a dangerous threat.

Apple nicked Qualcomm's ideas
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"Great artist" stole, ITC staff rules

The staff of the US International Trade Commission on Friday recommended that a trade judge find that Apple infringed at least one of Qualcomm patents, a move that could lead to blocking the import of some iPhones.

Samsung unveils the new Chromebook Plus (V2)
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Decent hardware and built-in pen

Samsung has unveiled its new version of the Chromebook Plus 2-in-1 convertible with a hardware upgrade, and built-in pen, so it is quite a shame it runs on Chrome OS.

GrayKey works round Apple's iPhone security improvements
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Didn't take long

Yesterday the Tame Apple Press was full of praise that Apple had worked a way around police methods to bypass its security on phones owned by criminals. However, it looks like Jobs' Mob's wizard security has already been bypassed within hours of it being announced.