GPU-Z updated to v1.18.0
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Gets support for Radeon RX 500 series

Techpowerup has updated GPU-Z to version 1.18.0, adding support for a couple of new GPUs as well as bringing some new improvements.

Techpowerup rolls out the new GPU-Z 0.8.3
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Brings support for AMD Fiji GPU and GTX 980 Ti

Techpowerup has launched a newest version of the GPU-Z, a popular graphics system information, monitoring, and diagnostic utility, the GPU-Z 0.8.3.

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Brings support for GTX Titan Black

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Brings support for Nvidia GTX 760

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Brings support for upcoming Radeon HD 7990 Malta

20 December 2011

New GPU-Z goes live

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Support for Radeon HD 7970


Lowest possible 3DMark 03

Gets HD 6990, GTX 590 and GTX 550 Ti support

Wizzard conjures its magic